Healthy Dieting and Wellness with These 14 Tips

It is not that challenging to start eating healthy. Even if you can read plenty of information regarding what to eat, your life will be a whole lot easier if you can keep things simple. It is common knowledge how challenging it is to choose what food we put on our plate. It really is a challenge to figure out what we eat when life gets busy, we eventually end up eating all the nasty stuff and miss out on all the good stuff. These 14 simple health and wellness tips can help you on your way to amazing health and wellness. You may also want to check out a great wellness center in San Francisco for more tips and guidelines.

1. Take your breakfast (break your fast) - gives your metabolism a boost, low on both acid and sugar especially fruits and greens/ fruit juices; only consume light and alkalizing food choices.

2. Consume smaller meals each day around five to six times not the typical three big meals (every portion ids roughly the size of your fist and not your entire plate).

3. Refrain from drinking too much coffee, alcohol, cola, dairy, SFA, and artificial foods.

4. Go with organic food if you can afford and refrain from buying genetically-modified food if possible (minimizes herbicides, pesticides, and antibiotics).

5. Your diet should consist of more fresh fruits, veggies, and lean meats. Try adopting a gluten-free as well as a low glycemic index diet if ever possible to make sure your bowel stays healthy and maintain a normal blood sugar.

6. Avoid dead foods as much as you can, they are anything that is processed, refined, canned, or frozen (try restricting foods that are man-made from your diet whenever possible.

7. Limit red meats, especially meats that are overcooked (can cause cancer).

8. Don't eat when you feel stressed, depressed, exhausted, sick, very emotional, or when you aren't hungry at all, as this prevents digestion and initiates fermentation.

9. Drink plenty of water to make sure your body stays hydrated.

10. Avoid drinking plenty of liquid - even water - during your meals and make it a point to drink any liquid within ten minutes after eating - because doing so may end up diluting your digestive enzymes and affect your digestion.

11. Combine your foods correctly to achieve optimum nourishment and energy. Consider utilizing the Metabolic Typing approach.

12. Eat slowly and make sure you chew your food thoroughly.

13. Refrain from eating condensed foods especially animal products right before going to sleep.

14. Take supplementary vitamins to boost your diet for your optimal health when needed.

Living healthy may be challenging. However, nothing is impossible once you heed these tips and start making baby steps in the right direction. Once you have started making these little changes in your life, you'll be able to imbibe this new healthy lifestyle with ease in no time.   For more health and wellness tips, check out .